I can't say enough great things about Salinas Law Group and its attorneys, Hunter Pyle in particular. Hunter represented a close relative of mine through an extremely lengthy, difficult and contentious lawsuit, including about three weeks of trial.

Hunter Pyle a remarkably gifted attorney with a talent for presenting his side of the case in a compelling and earnest manner, and is wholly and sincerely devoted to ensuring that his clients understand and are comfortable with his legal strategy. In court, he presents evidence and arguments in a clear and convincing way, and manages to do so without the bravado and grandstanding many of us associate with trial lawyers. Indeed, in his demeanor and approach Hunter brings to mind the understated confidence of Gregory Peck in "To Kill a Mockingbird." He's that good.

In addition, in my experience Hunter and his colleagues are committed to ensuring their clients are fairly and adequately compensated, even to the extent that doing so impacts their own compensation. While many attorneys may secure their own payment first, then worry about their clients, the opposite was true in our case: Hunter actually secured a very favorable compensation agreement for us first, then set about negotiating his own payment.

In short, Hunter is simply one of the most intelligent, professional and thoughtful individuals with whom I've ever had the pleasure to work. He is immensely honest, talented and well-qualified, and a genuinely nice and caring person to boot.

Although lawsuits are inherently stressful and unpleasant, I can honestly say that working with Hunter and his colleagues stands out in my mind as a fundamentally positive experience, and I wouldn't hesitate for even a second to recommend him.

-Alex C.

I wanted to send you my heartfelt thanks for everything that you have done and probably still are doing for my case. I feel very lucky to have found you and even luckier to have you represent me for two and a half long years. I know how difficult I have been and how difficult the Seenos and Chuck have been that it is even more amazing that you hung in there for so long. I want to truly thank you for that. Also, I wanted to tell you how amazing it was for me to watch you in these last fews weeks of arbitration. I could not have been more impressed with your hard work, diligence and grace but above all your closing arguments that made me feel so overwhelmed and justified. I will always be so grateful for you taking my case and successfully winning it for me. Please extend this email to Tanya and Sarah and your partners. I know how hard they worked too.

-Virginia B.