A tenant has the right to request repairs from a landlord. A tenant can also exercise other rights including:

  • The right to complain to a city agency because of the condition of the rental unit;
  • The right to complain to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing;
  • The right to require that a landlord provide written notice prior to entering the rental unit;
  • The right to repair dilapidations of the rental unit after notice to the landlord;
  • The right to vacate the rental unit if the landlord does not perform repairs; and
  • The right to associate with or participate in a tenant’s rights organization;

California state law prohibits a landlord from retaliating against a tenant for exercising their rights under the law. If the tenant is not in default as to the payment of rent, a landlord cannot evict the tenant in retaliation for having asserted their rights.

A landlord who retaliates against a tenant can be liable for actual damages, punitive damages in an amount up to $2000 per incident and attorney’s fees.

Attorneys at Salinas Law Group have successfully received retaliation verdicts from juries in Alameda County.

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