Class Actions

Class actions involve one or more plaintiffs representing a large group of people who have similar claims but are not actually named in the lawsuit.

In order to successfully bring a class action, a plaintiff must prove both the existence of an ascertainable class and a well-defined community of interest. The California Supreme Court has held that in order to meet the community of interest requirement, a plaintiff must show (1) that common questions of law or fact predominate over individual issues; (2) that the plaintiff has claims that are typical of the other class members; and (3) that the plaintiff and his or her lawyers are qualified to represent the class.

Moreover, the California Supreme Court has held that public policy encourages the use of the class action device. For this reason, the California courts have refused to go along with the numerous attacks on class actions that have occurred over the past few years.

At Salinas Law Group, we have represented thousands of employees and millions of consumers in class action lawsuits. We have obtained significant results for our clients, who have suffered wage and hour violations as well as unfair consumer practices.

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